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Admissions to Jubilee Leadership Academy

To be considered for admission to Jubilee, please take the following action.
Step 1: Download the Application
Download a Jubilee enrollment application: 

Step 2: Complete the Application
Please complete all areas of the application and be sure to include copies of the following documents:
Required student documents*

Student Admission Requirements  High school transcript
Student Admission Requirements  IEP (if applicable)
Student Admission Requirements  Letter from a past or present counselor
Student Admission Requirements  Discharge form from any previous facility
Student Admission Requirements  Description of Legal involvement
Student Admission Requirements  Parole officer's name and contact info
If you are applying for a scholarship
Required parent documents*

Student Admission Requirements  Prior year's tax return
Student Admission Requirements  Prior months' income
       (including child support, SSI, etc.)

Documents are used for the sole purpose of verifying income.  Documents are not required if you are not seeking financial assistance through the JLA Scholarship Fund. 
* Applications that are incomplete or are not accompanied by all the above documentation will not be considered until completed.
Step 3: Submit the Application
There are 4 easy ways to submit an application to Jubilee. 
    Student Admission Requirements  Email the application and supporting documents
    Student Admission Requirements  Fax the application and supporting documents to (509) 749-2076
    Student Admission Requirements  Mail the application and supporting documents to 29 Jubilee Cir Prescott, WA 99348
    Student Admission Requirements  Drop off the application and supporting documents to us at our campus

Step 4: Interview
Jubilee's staff will review your application and schedule an interview. Interviews may be held on the Jubilee campus, via Skype or by phone. It is preferred that the student be present for the interview but we understand that it is not always possible.  Interviews on campus will include a campus tour with a current Jubilee student.
Step 5: Acceptance
After the interview, we will notify you of acceptance or denial of admission. If the student is accepted, we will put you in contact with our business manager to review tuition and/or scholarships.  We will also schedule an enrollment date. This process normally occurs in 2-3 weeks but process can be expedited if needed.

Contact Jubilee Leadership Academy

Contact Jubilee Leadership Academy To speak with a member of the admissions department, or to obtain more program information, please call 509-749-2103 ext 219, or contact us by email.

Upload your Application and Supporting Documents

To conveniently upload your application and attachments, please use the contact form provided below.


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