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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of youth does Jubilee serve?

Jubilee is specifically structured to help teenage boys between the ages of 13 and 18 who desire a better life. Jubilee's students are normal young men, just like your teen.  Our students come from communities all over the United States to Jubilee to start over in a new environment.  Many of the students that attend Jubilee are seeking assistance coping with issues stemming from adoption, divorce, abandonment, low-self-esteem substance abuse, ODD, ADD, school failure and family conflict. We also serve students that come from unsafe living environments and need the structure and stability that is offered in our program. 

How long do students stay at Jubilee?

The average time to complete the program is 12 to 15 months.  We ask that students commit to a one-year-stay.  A student's motivation to change and grow dictates his length of stay. The goal at Jubilee is to get kids back home as soon as possible after they have the tools to deal with life's issues. Jubilee staff work with families and community to support to determine the appropriate length of stay. 

12 to 15 months also provides time for parents to complete the two retreats required by the Jubilee program.

Will the students attend school while at Jubilee?

Yes, our fully accredited, year around, academic program allows students to make up credits in an individualized program designed to meet Washington's States Core Curriculum Guidelines. Our students are grouped according to skill level rather than grade so that students are working with others at their academic level. Students explore a full range of subject matter during the course of a day. Approximately 3 hours per day is dedicated to core academic subjects and 3 hours are dedicated to vocational and character education. Weekly on-line academic updates are available for parents. Jubilee also has the ability to assist with credit retrieval for students are behind in credits. 

What role do parents play in their son's stay at Jubilee?

Parents play a vital role. Parents are asked to attend two Parenting Retreats. Parents are encouraged to participates in weekly phone calls with their son and also communicate with staff and counselor on a regular basis for updates on their son's progress. Parent involvement will be based on the progress of the student and as the Level System dictates. Parental visits to Jubilee are welcome, but time with their son may be limited if the student is still on the lower levels or is on restriction. Every connection with parents and family is orchestrated to ensure progress in the student’s way of thinking and acting. Parents are also invited to attend monthly Parent Empowerment sessions.  These sessions will better assist families to live with and help their sons during and after the program. 

What does the Counseling program at Jubilee involve?

Each resident meets on a regular basis with a Jubilee counselor. In addition, students are involved in group therapy sessions on a weekly basis. Whereas our clinical counseling program utilizes professional staff, additional therapeutic counseling occurs with our residential staff members, who take advantage of opportunities to deepen relationships with the students. Jubilee works very closely with Dr. Jamie Gavin, the President of Comforting Hope, a 509(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established to help people reach their true potential though emotional healing within a Christian atmosphere. More information and consent forms can be downloaded at Dr. Gavin’s website.

What is the cost of tuition at Jubilee?

Tuition for Jubilee is $3500/month. Scholarships may be available on request and availability. Space is limited to facility occupancy. We encourage every person in need of help to contact us.  We will go above and beyond to assist you if we can! 

How do you handle medications and medical appointments?

The staff arranges for all medical appointments and provides transportation as needed. The staff also distributes medications according to prescription schedules. Parents are continually kept in the loop and must approve of all medical procedures, prescriptions and expenses.

What types of activities does Jubilee have for the students?

We work hard at Jubilee and we also play hard. Jubilee believes that activities must be provided for fun and active involvement of the students with our staff. Jubilee's on campus activities include a skateboard park, paintball course, high ropes course, basketball courts, golf driving range, horse riding arena, weight lifting room, and disc golf course. We also offer a wide variety of off campus activities.

Is Jubilee affiliated with any particular church?

Jubilee is a non-denominational Christian ministry, and is not affiliated with any one church. Jubilee utilizes a Biblical counseling model that brings the message of Jesus Christ to the lives of students in a non-threatening way. We do not "force-feed" kids with the Gospel, and have no requirements for their spiritual growth in order to progress through the Level System.

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To get more information about what Jubilee Leadership Academy has to offer, please call 509-749-2103, or get more information about our programs through the Contact Us page.