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Horsemanship Program
at Jubilee Leadership Academy

Jubilee Leadership Academy utilizes a "natural horsemanship" training program that uses techniques developed by some of the top horsemen in the county. These methods are readily adaptable for the development of positive human relationships and parenting skills. Students are able to experience the benefits of developing trust-based relationships in a "hands-on" approach while working with the Ranch horses.

A horse must learn to respect and trust its handler to achieve positive results in training. That is why discipline is used in a fair and consistent manner throughout our program and at no time is abuse allowed. This discipline is applied to both horse and rider. In order for this discipline to be effective clear communication between the horse and rider is a must. Students learn that discipline is a positive element of life rather than something to be avoided. Through the actual handling and training of horses, students gain experience that allows them to assume positive parenting and leadership skills as it enables them to develop interpersonal relationships for life in their families and work place.

Contact Jubilee Leadership Academy

To get more information on the horsemanship program offered by Jubilee Leadership Academy, please call 509-749-2103, or get more information about our horsemanship program through the Contact Us page.