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Jubilee Kennels

Jubilee Kennels Program
at Jubilee Leadership Academy

This program focuses on a variety of dog care skills, such as feeding and watering according to schedules and instructions. They become proficient at mixing food, medications, or food supplements according to instructions, prescriptions, and knowledge of dog breed. The young men also learn to clean, organize, maintain, and disinfect dog kennels, as well as, perform dog-grooming and dog training duties.

About the Jubilee Kennels Program

  • The young men in our Canine Care program partner with representatives from the Blue Mountain Humane Society to provide training for dogs that have been abandoned to the shelter.

  • The students receive training to, in turn, train dogs from animal shelters. The young men learn compassion, patience, perseverance, and responsibility that comes only from training a dog, as well as skills that can help them find a job. For the students these skills spill over into their everyday lives and help them face their own issues and difficulties. The dog becomes adoptable.

  • The program was recently featured in the local newspaper, and has resulted in the placement of many of these abandoned animals into new homes.

  • Acting as a handler is a true rewarding labor of love. It is a great responsibility as well as a great joy.

  • All of the dogs in the Jubilee Kennel Program will be under the supervision of a professional trainer. The trainer will give the student handlers an in-depth 10-week training course and monitor the progress of the dogs during each session. Student handlers will meet weekly with the trainer to learn basic obedience skills and also specific behavioral issues for each dog. Student handlers work with the dogs practicing these skills twice a day.

  • Through the partnership the BMHS will provide collars, leashes, treats, treat bags, toys and any other tools required for the successful training of the dogs at no cost to Jubilee.

  • The dogs from the Kennel program will be showcased  through adoption events for Blue Mountain Humane Society, press releases, television and radio news coverage, and their dedicated website.

Contact Jubilee Leadership Academy

To get more information on the Jubilee Kennels program offered by Jubilee Leadership Academy, please call 509-749-2103, or get more information about our Jubilee Kennels program through the Contact Us page.