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The Austin Story

Below is an e-mail written by a Jubilee student's mother. This parent, along with other parents of current and past students are available to speak with when considering placement for your son at Jubilee Leadership Academy.

Hello All,
This is a bit long, so please grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax :-) I'll try to keep it brief.
As you all know, we have been trying to figure out how Austin can get his high school diploma and not a GED. I had researched here at home what his options were and sent an email with questions and such.
First when Miss Leann called and said I have an answer to all 5 of your questions. I was grinning from ear to ear. She said there is a way that Austin could get his high school diploma by returning to Jubilee. Miss Leann had told me that she would go over it with the team and get back to me. I had prayed for God's will for Austin, and that I would support whatever decision he made being he was going to be 18 and Miss Leann said it was ultimately up to Austin. God is so Good and Faithful.
2 days later on May 1st, I get this great picture of Austin with a txt from Miss Leann, as she and Mr. Rick took Austin to dinner last week to discuss his future. Again I prayed for the both of you as well as Austin.
Then we got the call from Austin on May 2nd.
Austin was excited to tell us that he has a "PERMANENT PLAN" in motion for his future. He said he had went to dinner with Mr. Rick and Miss Leann and then met with all of you to discuss how he can get his high school diploma. He said he is now going to come home for the summer, complete his classes on APEX through Jubilee and then return to Jubilee in Sept to complete his Senior Project and get his high school diploma. He then said, that by doing this he will be able to receive a 10,000.00 scholarship per year for college. I said "honey I believe it is a onetime offer of the 10,000.00". He said "that's what I thought as well mom, but Mr. Rick and Miss Leann explained that it was per year of college". I said, Calvin, is this true? Calvin said "yes mam we have had some students go on to get their Master's degree through this scholarship.
My heart was already overjoyed that Austin was excited about returning to Jubilee and getting his high school diploma. But then, when he completes all of this, he is able to get this very generous scholarship. God's blessings just never end and they come in such mysterious ways. I look at where my son was a year ago, and now look at where he is today, (I know he's not perfect LOL) and I think; can this be true? Someone just pinch me, so I know I'm not dreaming.
I want to thank each and every one of you for taking such a strong interest in our son and the desire, time and patience to work with him each and every day and all the while showing him that he is loved and valued as a person. We are overwhelmed with how much you all love the Lord and all of these boys. When we first came to the decision to put Austin in boarding school, as you have heard from many parents, it was the most difficult decision we had made. Is this the right place, will he be safe, is this God's will, will he be ok, will he hate and resent us, will he feel rejected, etc.? Many hours of prayer and research went into our finding Jubilee.
I have talked with many parents during my search for a boarding school. I have heard all about the discipline, the accountability, the structure, the schooling, the success rates, etc. All of these are important and part of growing up in life.
However, the thing I didn't hear about, was how the staff at these facilities works with these kids out of a real love for God and love for these kids with a desire to truly make a difference in their lives. Not just while they are in school but by looking towards their future as well. I didn't hear about staff taking the kids to church with them, or to dinner, and even to their own family outings. I didn't hear about them embracing these kids as their own, and setting the example by living a Godly life. I didn't hear about the kids doing community service and learning how to give back and to think of others. I didn't hear about joy and laughter. They also didn't seem to have a Joe & Camille and Miss Rose either. :-) Basically I didn't hear or see Christ shining through the words I was hearing on the phone.
All of you at Jubilee, are examples of what working through God and loving people really mean. And because of this, we have our son back. I pray for each of you every day for God to poor out His blessings on you, for continued strength and patience as you work to help each of the boys at your school. I pray that Austin will one day have a great desire to give back as he has been given to by all of you. I can't wait to see what else God has planned for Austin's life and how he will use Austin to His Glory.
You never know, Austin could one day in his future be helping the boys at Jubilee, as you have all set such an awesome example for him. Don't faint Calvin, it could happen. LOL.
God Bless and we will see all of you in June for parent's weekend :-)
If I have missed anyone on this e-mail, please forward it to them as we want them to know they are appreciated. I didn't have any of the dorm staff as well as others e-mails.
- One Super Thankful Mom!